About Mike Isaak


I am a landscape photographer and journeyman carpenter born in Altona, Manitoba living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Having almost no interest in any art form in my earlier years (I can draw a mean stick figure!), I became interested in photography after buying my first camera for a missions trip to El Salvador in March 2005. Upon returning home from the trip, I realized I had taken a few interesting shots. I kept shooting with the point and shoot for a bit and then in the fall of 2005, I made the move to Edmonton. I found some online photography forums and uploaded a few photos from my small body of work. While it wasn't anything special, I was told I had an eye for photography and was encouraged to keep shooting- so I did! Once introduced to a DSLR, a short time later, my interest in photography really started to take off. Since then, I have continued to develop my skills and even won a few awards including a gold in the 2012 EPSON International Pano Awards.


Being a journeyman carpenter allows me to add a unique feature to my art- all the framing and stretching for canvas prints as well as the matting for fine art prints is completed by me. I feel that this adds to the end product and overall customer experience as not many photographers are able to have such a hands-on approach when it comes to producing their artwork. I have also completed custom framing projects for local residents; one project being a custom 28' long, quarter circle, curved canvas display for the city of Edmonton. I love to support local business and have been lucky enough to find a local printer that is very helpful and accommodating to my needs, and together we can also offer custom framing for those interested.

In my spare time, I can be found enjoying the mountains, camping, hiking, skiing and appreciating nature.

Images & content ©Mike Isaak