Summer Trip to Manitoba.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last week Anna and I went to my home town of Altona, Manitoba for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, to hang out with some friends/family, and for Anna to meet everyone she hadn’t met yet! I really didn’t take many photos. Or at least not as many as I wanted to. I had wanted to wake up for sunrise photos on the prairies but I was so busy and stayed up so late I usually just slept right through my alarms. Here are a few snaps that I did take though.

These two snaps were taken near Pinawa, Manitoba at the ruins of an old dam. I would love to get back here and spend a lot more time exploring.

Rushing Water

“Rushing Water” Pinawa Dam site. Pinawa, Manitoba.

"Life From a Rock" Pinawa Dam site. Pinawa, Manitoba.

“Life From a Rock” Pinawa Dam site. Pinawa, Manitoba.

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On one morning while at the resort were we celebrated their anniversary, I did wake up for sunrise. But there were no clouds in the sky, just some nice golden light, so I decided to shoot other things then the grand landscape. I took out my 105mm 2.8 macro lens and started looking for dew covered bugs! This sunlight through this tree caught my eye as I was heading to a tall grass field where I knew I could find insects. I snapped this photo first.

Through the Trees

“Through the Trees” along the Winnipeg River. Pinawa, Manitoba.

I found this dragonfly drying out its wings in back-lit sunlight. A little fill flash lit up the front of the dragonfly nicely.

Dragonfly Horizontal

“Dragonfly Horizontal” Pinawa, Manitoba.

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“Dragonfly” Pinawa, Manitoba.

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I was satisfied with the shots I got from the dragonfly so I took a texture shot of the sunlit prairie grass.

Backlit Prairie Grass

“Backlit Prairie Grass”, Pinawa, Manitoba.

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  1. Lisa says:

    These are really pretty.
    I bet Sienna will love those dragonfly photos!

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