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California Coast – Rancho Palos Verdes.

Our last day in California, I was really hoping to get down to Laguna Beach for sunset before our flight to New Zealand that same night. I had been researching Laguna Beach for quite some time leading up to the trip, because of the interesting coastline and rock formations . There was a flash flood […]

California Coast – Corona Del Mar State Park (and good news!)

Another long break from posting. But this time I am happy to say that Anna and I bought a condo, and we’re almost settled in. Sure feels nice to break away from paying rent, and own something of our own. Here’s another image from our time in California. It was a  challenge to try and […]

Back to blogging and photos from the start of New Zealand trip.

Well after a long absence, I am back to processing photos and blogging! We have been super busy trying to get a place to live before the 18th of March, and that has taken up a lot of our time. I’ve finally begun to start going through all my 5000+ photos from our trip to […]

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