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4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (Day 3)

On this day I had planned on waking up for sunrise at Red Rock Coulee. But after shooting and driving for over 19.5 hours and going to bed around 1:30 am, my body was too tired to wake up for my alarms I had set on my phone. I think I finally woke up around […]

4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (part 8)

I will close out the Red Rock Coulee Natural Area photos (for now) with this shot.  Taken only ten minutes after “Sunstar” and facing the opposite way, the reds really show as the last rays of sunlight hit the rocks. The pinks in the clouds lasted for only a few minutes as I managed to […]

4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (part 7)

Sorry for the delay between posts folks! I’ve been really busy working 10 hour days and then taking off to different places for the weekends. This last weekend my girlfriend Anna and I were in Golden, whitewater rafting, zip-lining  and camping. Actually got a few good shots at Vermillion Lakes of Mount Rundle on the Saturday […]

4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (part 6)

This shot was taken about 15 minutes after “Upside Down” turned 180 degrees away from those clouds I was so interested in. While snapping photos of this rock, the clouds would cover the sun, then move and shine on the rock in the foreground. It was like a light switch, constantly on, then off then […]

4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (part 5)

Continuing on with my trip through southern Alberta, I reached Red Rock Coulee at around 4pm. The drive to get here was mostly highway except the last 1.5km, which was a mix of mud and gravel. For a semi-arid climate, it sure was wet out there. Everywhere I stepped was so slippery and my boots […]

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