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Full Moon Eve

I went out scouting locations for the intention of shooting the full moon this past Sunday, along with my good friend Nick. I wanted to take shots of the full moon rising under the tree from this location. It’s about an hour and a half drive from Edmonton and we got to the field with […]

4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (Day 3)

After spending time wandering around Red Rock Coulee, I figured it was time to head to my next destination. Only problem was, I had only planned to visit the Coulee, and had no idea where I was going after. So I opened up Google Maps and Google on my phone and started looking at some […]

4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (part 4)

The second version I promised. Same spot as “Stuck Here” just moved in to get the two rocks in the frame. This was a 2 shot vertical stitch, cropped to 1:1. I always like posting two different variations of the same area with just a little twist. Buy the print here.

4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (part 3)

So driving east a little farther from where “Through Time” was shot, I noticed something in the field out of the corner of my eye. Slowed down, turned around and went back. The thing my eye caught were these rocks in the field. I really liked the moody clouds and these rocks that have been […]

4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (part 2)

A long exposure shot of a house that has been exposed to the elements for some time. First “test shot” with the Lee 10 stop “Big Stopper” Exposure time was a little over 90 seconds in the middle of the afternoon. If I shot this again I would probably have gone for an even longer […]

4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta

My dog (Roxy) and I went out exploring southern Alberta last weekend and here is the first of many images to be taken while on the trip. This is Horsethief Canyon near Drumheller, Alberta. I arrived here late at night and searched around for compositions but couldn’t really do much in the dark. Camped out […]

Brush Hills

Was out exploring north of Vegreville with Anna yesterday where a community by the name of Brush Hills used to be. I figure the settlement was abandoned between 1950-1975. Hard to know for sure because I can’t find any information about this place. Will try the Vegreville Museum to see if they can come up […]

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