Stormy Shoreline – New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Waking up the next morning, I decided to shoot the coast of New Plymouth. I saw a few sea stacks while driving along the highway the day before, and already knew where I was going to be for the morning. When I got down to the beach, most of these rocks were uncovered as the tide was just starting to come in. I had to position myself on top of a few other rocks and wait for the tide to come rushing back in for this shot while I was getting blasted by wind and sea spray. As I waited to take this shot,  I had a black cloth covering my camera lens which seemed to keep the lens clean. I may have to invest in a rain cover at some point though. After taking this shot I hoped from rock to rock, trying to not get wet on the way back to the van. As I was unpacking my gear I turned around to see these rocks completely submerged. The ocean is an incredible thing.

When I processed this shot, I went with a slightly darker edit, and I think it really helps to convey the cold, stormy, and bleak morning waiting for a sunrise that never was.

“Stormy Shoreline”, New Plymouth, New Zealand.


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  2. anna says:

    Wow! Great composition! Wish I got a few snaps of you photographing this in the wind and rain, but I was too busy gawking at you braving the elements to think about that 😉 You definitely captured the ‘cold and stormy’ of that day.
    How do you think this would look on aluminum? I think I would like to purchase this one….

    Great work, great blog; excellent way to remember this trip.

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