4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (Day 3)

Friday, July 23, 2010

After photographing the deer, I went for a drive around the park. Found a road that lead to a viewpoint overlooking the Milk River valley. I vowed to return here at sunset because I loved the panoramic view. I snapped a few compositions for references at sunset and went on exploring the area. I walked around the hoodoo trail to see the impressive rock formations and old native carvings on the sandstone walls, then drove around the area after talking to a park ranger for a while. He had stopped me after I let my dog Roxy out of the car to drink some water to remind me about keeping my dog on a leash at all times. I put her leash back on and we discussed photography, the Alberta south, and farmyards around the area. He gave me directions to a few abandoned vehicles as well. So I went on my way, trying to find everything he had described. There are so many things to shoot in the area, so I saved them all to my phones Google Maps. I then headed back to the lookout point I had scouted before, and just waited for the light. I admit I was a little worried because there was not a cloud in sight, but I think that worked to my advantage because I was shooting with the sun behind me. The two photos below were taken 22 minutes apart, let me know which photo you prefer and why.

“Milk River Sunset” at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.

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“Milk River Twilight” at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.

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  1. Alban says:

    I like the twilight picture better. The sunset image seems too unreal in terms of its colors.

  2. Alban says:

    Wow, it is definitely an amazing light. Thank you.

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