4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (Day 3)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

After spending time wandering around Red Rock Coulee, I figured it was time to head to my next destination. Only problem was, I had only planned to visit the Coulee, and had no idea where I was going after. So I opened up Google Maps and Google on my phone and started looking at some places to visit.  Looked at a bunch of options and decided on the Cypress Hills. So I looked at a route that Google Maps gave me and decided that was too far a drive around when I could just cut across gravel roads and make it there in no time. Off the highway and onto the gravel I went. I did not make it even 2kms before the road turned into mud! The roads were over rolling hills so I kept going a little way until I was on top of a hill. Then I did a 10 point turn and gathered some speed to make it back through the mud and back onto the highway. It’s a good thing I put on new tires! Needless to say, I scratched the Cypress Hills idea and stopped along the highway for a little more googling. Decided on Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. I saw a few deer as soon as I entered the parks Texas gates and slowly crept up beside them in my car.  I singled out the only deer with antlers and framed him with the Sweetgrass Hills of Montana in the background. Shot handheld, I used the Nikkor 105mm 2.8 and my 77mm polarizer (also handheld) to capture this shot.


“Deer” Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta.


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