Karekare Beach – Golden Light.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Continuing  from  Piha Beach, we headed south to Karekare.  Arriving here well before sunset, it gave us plenty of time to look for compositions. My main goal here was to take a shot of the rock formation that juts out of the ocean just off the coast.

I brought along an iPhone with The Photographer’s Ephemeris so I could know exactly where the sun was going to set. After searching for a while, I finally settled on a composition. Knowing when and where the sun was setting, this gave me some time to further explore the beach and to have a look at everything around me. The hills to the north, and the sand in front of me, was glowing from the setting sun. I  set up my tripod and composed a few shots with this being my favorite of the bunch.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Karekare Beach photos, including the rock formation I mentioned above.

Golden Light at Karekare Beach

“Golden Light at Karekare Beach” Karekare, New Zealand.


  1. […] capturing Golden Light, and with the sun nearly setting, I turned my attention back to the composition I had selected […]

  2. Lisa says:

    I LOVE this one.
    So gorgeous. I want to go there. Now.

  3. wow..this photo is gorgeous..looking at it makes me wanna go there..

    i love the cloudy effect..this is a work of art..a true professional photographer..keep up the good work..

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