Moss – Wellington Coast, New Zealand.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Since you all have the story behind these images, I will leave out the “behind the scenes” info. If you want to have a quick read and see the previous shot, head over to the “Band of Fire” blog post. The photo below was taken a few minutes after “Band of Fire” and shows how much warmer the light became as the sun came up. This shot was taken a few feet behind “Band of Fire” as you can see the inlet, and water pool, used in the shot just in front of the moss. Nine frames were used to make the final image. It consists of three horizontal images stacked on top of each other with each set bracketed at -1, 0, and +1 EV. I used Photomatix to blend each set together and then used Photoshop CS5 for the stitch. I also imported the photo into Lightroom for a little fine tweaking. See if you can guess how I came up with the title!

“Seven”, Wellington Coast, New Zealand.

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As for this photo, it was taken a few minutes after “Seven” as the orange glow from sunrise was receding. This is a three shot image at -1, 0, and +1 EV and once again processed using Photomatix and imported into Lightroom for final adjustments.

“Emerald”, Wellington Coast, New Zealand.

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  1. Drew Hopper says:

    Great shots man. Really liking the bright green rock pool in the foreground, really stands out!

  2. OUtstanding! Love the vertical shot!!! Beautiful detail in the rocks and water (but you could straighten the horizon a bit better)… Just my unsolicited feedback

    • Mike Isaak says:

      Hey Oli, I had looked at that when processing and I’m pretty sure my camera was level. I always make sure it is haha. So I decided to leave the horizon as is. Maybe it’s worth another look though to see if if would improve the composition, thanks!

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