Fifeshire Rock Panorama – Tasman Bay, New Zealand.

Friday, August 12, 2011

We made our way over to the South Island of New Zealand by ferry through the Cook Strait. After unloading the camper van from the ferry, we started a really long and windy drive toward Nelson. Anna decided we wouldn’t take the longer (recommended) way, and instead take the route that looked shorter on the map. Well, after a few minutes on Queen Charlotte Drive, we figured out why it was not the preferred route. I don’t think there was a straight portion of road for the first 20kms and it felt like those 20kms took an hour! Needless to say, we finally made it to Nelson. This is where my cousin Andrew was going to married. We had a week here to explore, hang out with some cool people and just relax.

This photo is of Fifeshire Rock, a prominent rock feature jutting out from the Tasman Sea along Rocks Road. My goal was to capture a panorama of this rock and the mountains at sunset or sunrise, but each time I ventured out here the weather would not cooperate with me. I captured this on my first “scouting trip” to see where a good vantage point would be. I used the Lee “Big Stopper” to get an exposure that was over a minute long and blurred the waves nicely.

I realize this does not have any crazy colours, but the simple fact that it’s mostly blue is really calming to me. Perhaps it was a result of  the shining sun, the +25C weather and the waves lapping at the rocks beneath me… 🙂

"Fifeshire Rock Panorama", Tasman Bay, New Zealand.

“Fifeshire Rock Panorama”, Tasman Bay, New Zealand.

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