4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (part 8)

Monday, July 12, 2010

I will close out the Red Rock Coulee Natural Area photos (for now) with this shot.  Taken only ten minutes after “Sunstar” and facing the opposite way, the reds really show as the last rays of sunlight hit the rocks. The pinks in the clouds lasted for only a few minutes as I managed to snap a few photos.  I had looked at these rock formations earlier on in the day and knew what my composition would roughly look like and where the sunlight would be painting the scene. This came in very handy because from where I took the last shot, to where I set up for this one, it takes a little scrambling and climbing up the hill over all the slick mud which was coating the ground from rain during the day. As I was shooting “Sunstar” I kept looking behind me to know when it was time to switch compositions and allow myself a little walking and set up time. By doing my research of this area, and giving myself enough time to scout out many potential compositions, I was able to come away with many different and unique perspectives of this very interesting landscape.  Shot with a 3:2 aspect ratio I cropped this shot to a 5:4 aspect ratio so I could tighten up the composition for a stronger shot (in my opinion).

“Red Rock Coulee” Red Rock Coulee Natural Area, Alberta.

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