4 Day Trip to Southern Alberta (part 7)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sorry for the delay between posts folks! I’ve been really busy working 10 hour days and then taking off to different places for the weekends. This last weekend my girlfriend Anna and I were in Golden, whitewater rafting, zip-lining  and camping. Actually got a few good shots at Vermillion Lakes of Mount Rundle on the Saturday morning which I will have to go through at some point.

But lets go back to visiting Southern Alberta. This shot is of the same rock as the post before, just facing northwest at sunset, and half an hour later.  It is an exposure blend of 2 photos, one exposed for the sky and one for the rock and land around it. Going back, I probably would have exposed 4 different shots for a better blend, but that’s learning! I really enjoy the flowers growing out of these rocks, and this is such a unique place! I hear lately that it has just been raining constantly and I got here a few days just before all the rain, glad I went when I did.

I will also include another shot from earlier in the day, from around the time I was shooting “Upside Down”.  I have two other shots processed from this location, along with a bunch of photos I haven’t gone through yet, which you will see in the next while. Probably not this weekend though as I am again heading out of town for the weekend. This time it’s to go to Calgary for the stampede which I have never been to. Woo!


“Sunstar” Red Rock Coulee Natural Area, Alberta.

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And here is the second photo I was talking about,

Cloud Break

“Cloud Break” Red Rock Coulee Natural Area, Alberta.

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