Waterfall – Catherine Cove, New Zealand.

Monday, August 22, 2011

These two photos were taken on D’Urville Island, an island separated from the mainland by the French Pass. Apparently there are glow worms here, and if you visit at night you can see them hanging off the rock wall glowing like tiny lanterns. I was here shortly after sunrise and there was a nice soft glow of light breaking through the trees above, illuminating the waterfall and the foliage around.

In the first photo, there were a few leaves that had fallen in as I was standing there and a longer exposure recorded the leaves streaking towards me.

"Intimate Glow Worm Falls", Catherine Cove, New Zealand.

“Intimate Glow Worm Falls”, Catherine Cove, New Zealand.

In this second photo, I stepped back a little to show this rock (the rock appeared to have been placed there) and by this time the leaves were already well down the stream. With the birds chirping around and the water rushing down the rocks, it was an incredibly relaxing way to start the morning.

"Glow Worm Falls", Catherine Cove, New Zealand.

“Glow Worm Falls”, Catherine Cove, New Zealand.


  1. Drew Hopper says:

    Great images! Love to see more of your waterfalls 🙂

  2. Gina Snow says:

    They’re beautiful photos. I like how it’s called Glow Worm falls and the leaves moving in the first image somewhat resemble glow worms in the water.

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