Star Trails – Wharariki Beach, New Zealand.

Friday, September 2, 2011

This star trail photo was taken after our holiday week in Nelson was over, as we continued our exploration of the South Island. We had explored Wharariki Beach all day and I spent some time there capturing sunset. On our way back to the Holiday Park, I noticed this tree that was well lit by the park office lights directly behind me. Having been shown the location of the Southern Cross, I knew what angle I could set this up so that the stars “rotated” around the tree. If I remember correctly, this photo shoot was slightly over 2 hours.  I stacked the images in a program appropriately called “Startrails”. You can check it out here, and it is a free download.

View this with the lights down low!

“Wharariki Holiday Park Star Trails”, Wharariki Beach, New Zealand.

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  1. Luke Austin says:

    Both killer images Mike. I think the bottom image would come up nice in B&W also.
    Hope all is well mate

    • Mike Isaak says:

      Hey thanks Luke. I will have to give that a look when I have some time! Ya, pretty good. May be working up in northern Canada very soon actually. How’ve you been?

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